Ukrainian social net work for dating

Not simple stories of lonely men and women, a trip through the ocean, amazingly gorgeous girls, money, love, and deceit.

All this isn’t a Hollywood scenario, it’s a documentary of an American journalist about mail order brides from Ukraine.

Ukrainian wives have always been famous not only for their beauty but their femininity and domesticity as well.

They are good wives and perfect mothers for their children. They are busy with making their career and are not ready to refuse their ambitions for a family.

There is an opinion existing that Nikolayev is completely of no touristic interest as here is not much of sightseeing and not much to offer.

Really, our city can’t boast of bright and world-famous places of interest, there are no touristic routs here and there is no photos of our streets in glossy zines and tour guides. Our city is famous far from our country and our tourists are special people.

VKontakte was incorporated on 19 January 2007 as a Russian limited liability company.

Founder Pavel Durov launched VKontakte for beta testing in September 2006, having just graduated from St Petersburg State University.

The realities of life are such that more and more women and men are experiencing social isolation. For many men who decided for a search of a bride in Ukraine sooner or later the following question emerges – in what city is it better to look for a future wife?The user base reached 1 million in July 2007, and 10 million in April 2008.In December 2008 VK overtook rival Odnoklassniki as Russia's most popular social networking service.In February 2007 the site reached a user base of over 100,000 and was recognized as the second largest player in Russia's nascent social network market.In the same month, the site was subjected to a severe DDo S attack, which briefly put it offline.

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