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Dolce Vita offers men several ways to come to Ukraine to meet women in person and explore the possibilities of developing a serious relationship.Whether you choose a Romance Tour or and Individual Tour, you will meet more intelligent, beautiful, single women in 7 days than you could in 7 years on your own.Over the past week, authorities in Kiev have released photographs that purport to prove that Mozhaev is an agent of the Russian military intelligence service known as GRU, and they have shared that information with senior Western diplomats and some reporters.

Our website is the place for people who are interested in real relationships!Guys, learn Ukrainian dating tips from the experts.Relationship consultants, Oksana and Elena of Dolce Vita Marriage Agency, discuss the fine points of dating a Ukrainian woman. Alexander Mozhaev, a pro-Russian separatist whose photograph has appeared in numerous publications in recent days and who says he is not employed by the Russian state, stands with fellow separatists in the town of Slavyansk on April 20 Spend a few days riding around the separatist badlands of eastern Ukraine, and you’d have a good chance of running into Alexander Mozhaev, the fighter suspected of being a Russian government operative.He’s hard to miss, and not just because photographs of him — or claiming to be of him — have been made available by the Ukrainian government in recent days.

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