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Tom Hardy told IGN that the parts of the story that might seem supernatural are more just a way for Taboo's storytellers to play around with the show's tone, explaining the first season is "more of a 'f--k you to the establishment' story." "There's plenty of opportunity to use elements of mystery and magic and potential of what we superimpose, project upon that, that must be mystic in some aspect," said Hardy.

"But what's more interesting to me is I was watching The Mission with Robert Di Nero, I was watching Taxi Driver and you look at the concept of PTSD now, with trauma and how imagery represents something and is projected, internalized, unconscious volition of trying to understand what's going on, like dreams, what is going on.

Currently in its third week, the hit mini-series has been pulling in seven million viewers.

There has been much in the news about how benefits are being slashed and those in the lower income brackets are suffering due to the austerity measures brought in by the government, but not many people are talking about the effect it's having on middle class families.

The Hollywood megastar, 39, allegedly suffered the major loss after Taboo drew in £8.4million - which has not matched the £10.4million the show racked up to make.

The insider added: 'Tom will hope to eventually make the money back through DVD sales, downloads, streaming and syndication rights.'The reported loss comes despite Tom setting up a firm Taboo Productions Ltd to manage the finances for the costly drama.

Even if it just sucks balls,' you know what I mean? Normally I'm just playing a role in somebody else's film and if it turns to s--t I can just go, 'It ain't my fault, is it?

That's on you.' But it's a slightly mercenary thing to work for somebody else's badge of honor.

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