Tv tg dating

I thought the programme was also a good fit for me because I can communicate freely with both young and old people. It was aired from the end of last year to February of this year and the viewer ratings were among the highest on the weekend.What do you think of the controversy generated by the programme?Is it possible that some guests on the programme are told to make sensational comments, instead of their own ideas, to be eye-catching?After all, that’s a practice adopted by similar programmes.I hope my programme can spur the public to debate issues such as discrimination against single-parent families and misogynistic standards for choosing a girlfriend.People will reflect on whether they themselves adopt similar attitudes or what they should do when facing such a circumstance.

Jin Xing, the first person in China to have her transgender identity recognised by the government, is a household name as a talk-show host.Jin, 50, underwent gender reassignment surgery in 1995 in Beijing, when already a renowned dancer. Last year their production team approached me about potential cooperation on a new programme.Despite her huge success as a television host, she says she would prefer dancing to hosting TV programmes if forced to choose just one job. I liked their idea of having parents help children select partners since it matches Chinese people’s concept of marriage as not only a deal between two people, but also a deal between two families.On the surface, my programme is about matchmaking; essentially it involves social issues including family education, social values, male chauvinism or feminism.Some of these issues are taboo on my talk show we allow all kinds of comments and I won’t lash out at any one on the stage, even though I don’t agree with some people’s opinions in my heart.

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