Triangulation design validating quantitative data model

Keywords: Bonded Joints, Translaminar Reinforcements, Composite Delamination, Finite Element Modeling, Multiscale Modeling. We are committed to the aggressive development and transition of advanced air vehicle control technology to industry and the war fighter to improve total weapon system lethality, survivability, agility, performance, and affordability.Our long-term objective is to develop adaptive and autonomous control theories for the advancement of future Air Force flight vehicles.

Then controllers to interpret sensor information, and direct the flow control effectors, can be developed.

Assessment of the role of aberrating flow structures on overall optical distortion pattern for relevant canonical flows.

Investigation of flow control strategies to either regularize or break up large-scale coherent turbulent structures in order to mitigate overall aberration and enable/guide adaptive optic techniques.

Modern flow control effectors and techniques show promise for localized adaptive control of boundary layer separation, laminar to turbulent transition, shear layer turbulence, and secondary flow features.

They may also be used to create ‘virtual’ aerodynamic surfaces that can be tailored for changing operating conditions, or to provide flight control.

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