Top us cities for interracial dating

9 in 10 interracial black/white marriages ends in divorce. Mixed marriages involving blacks and whites also were considered least stable, followed by Hispanic-white couples.” Studies on Miscegenation Risks: “Femicide, the homicide of women, is the leading cause of death in the United States among young African American women aged 15 to 45 years.” Most women are murdered by a male partner.A previous issue of the journal published a study showing blacks males are even 33% more likely to kill their spouse if she is white instead of black.Nature rejects organ transplants to these children. Our DNA naturally refuses organs and stem cells from those outside of our race. The fetish of this mental sickness imposed on us by a sick agenda driven media, leaves a legacy of under achievement- Brazil, Dominican Republic, Portugal and other nations where miscegenation is and was widely practiced, are but a few examples.’ “The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations — a greater Judaism in fact — all the separate races and religions shall disappear.” -The Jewish World, February 9, 1883 ‘When the city dies, the nation, deprived of the young life blood of new generations is now made up of people who are to old and cannot defend itself against a younger people which launches an attack on the now unguarded frontiers.This will happen, and not just to cities and nations, but on greater scale,the whole White race,who can be submerged by other Coloured Races which are multiplying at a rate unknown in our times.” -Benito Mussolini They made their bed, they died in it. Similarly, children of adulterous and incestuous unions are restricted as to whom they can marry.’ The miscegenation / race mixing agenda is transparent and who is promoting this monstrosity.Kosher Hollyweird productions like LOOK WHOSE COMING TO DINNER and JUNGLE FEVER to the false representation of whites are nerdy, uncool, unhip, weak and feminine (Despite Winning every Worlds Strongest Man for 40 years in a row and dominating the sport, creating Western Civilization, and being the most well endowed – ala John Holmes and Peter North.The bottom line is that Interracial unions and the by products thereof (the children) are unnatural.So, the child was left with the unemployed black boyfriend. ‘Marriages in each community are under the jurisdiction of their own religious authorities.

Some are using this study as a call to action to provide places where people can hang out and get together." The Wichita Eagle comments about this study, "This survey might be tragically accurate.

(section 1) It was also provided that marriages and divorces of Jews in Israel would be conducted according to the law of the Torah.’ Jewish marriage and divorce in Israel is under the jurisdiction of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which defines a person’s Jewish status strictly according to halakha.

The rabbinate’s standards and interpretations in these matters are generally used by the Israeli Interior Ministry in registering marriages and divorces.

According to the Associated Press, “One study conducted a decade ago determined that mixed-race couples had a much higher 41 percent chance of Separation or Divorce, compared to a 31 percent chance for those who married within their race.

Another analysis found divorce rates among mixed-race couples to be more dependent on the specific race combination, with white women who married outside their race more likely to divorce.

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