Top ten tips dating older men

Authored by journalist and editor Simon Crompton, Permanent Style offers practical advice and insights on classic style and clothing.

Authored by Anthony Mc Grath, Clothes Make the Man acts as a medium between blog sites that are either high-end or high-street focused.

As well as providing readers with fashion and style updates, Matthew also includes travel guides and shares his love of classic motors.

The fundamentals of working with bloggers are the same as with traditional journalists at traditional media outlets: respect their schedules; take time to read their material to learn their interests; and only contact them if/when they want to be contacted.

Profiles of these men’s fashion blogs and their authors can be found in the Vuelio Media Database.Inspired by fashion gurus like Andre Leon Talley, Luke shares shots from his fashion look book, including outfits from Paul Smith, Alexander Mc Queen, Saint Laurent, and Common Projects.Creatively shot in different locations across London and the UK, The Fashion Samaritan makes clever use of bold colours and avant garde fashion designs.You’re a successful older man who wants to date a woman significantly younger than him. Needless to say, this goes for ALL people who are dating online. We want what WE want, even if what we want is unrealistic.Websites generally attempt to pair singles with matches who are demographically similar. We’re all so dazzled by looks and youth that we pass up amazing people who are a much better fit. The woman who graduated high school in the same year as you? “I can’t help what I’m attracted to,” say all of my clients – both male and female. I do know, however, that as long as they close their minds to dating people who are age-appropriate, they’re really going to struggle with online dating.

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