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You become increasingly desperate to "save" it no matter what the cost to your self-respect. Now she wishes she'd walked away as soon as things began to deteriorate. "I'm embarrassed because he didn't deserve such an honest letter." His response, which wasn't nearly as long — or as heartfelt — made her feel exposed and powerless.

Instead, she kept seeing him even though she knew he was dating other people. For my friend Christine, it was Tom, a guy she met online after a long period of being single.

You don’t always have to agree with everything she believes in. The reason why most relationships fail is from mismanaged expectations. The best time to be in a relationship is when you don’t need to be in one.

If you feel strongly about something, don’t be afraid and say so. When you stop doing the things that make you happy on your own, you begin to fill that void by demanding more from who you’re with. Fall in love with yourself first and always do things that make you happy.

Only then will she perceive you as an equal partner. Soon enough, she got bored and didn’t reply to my text and phone call as often.

After two months, Lewis morphed from a perfect boyfriend to one who'd abruptly disappear from e-mail and texts for days, cancel plans, and behave coldly ...Their first three dates were "perfect." Then Tom went out of town for work.He called her each night, and they talked for hours.I liked him a lot, but his over-the-top enthusiasm (he insisted I was "perfect") gave me pause.Given how little we knew about each other, it felt like too much.

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