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https://thenextweb.com/apple/2017/08/10/apple-refuses-enable-iphone-settings-save-countless-lives/ Non-Profit Organizations can get Tutanota encrypted email for free They don't offer IMAP or DKIM (for custom domains) which is a deal breaker for most organizations https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/secure-email-for-non-profit The MSRC 2017 list of “Top 100” security researchers https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2017/08/07/the-msrc-2017-list-of-top-100-security-researchers/ Preserving the Right to Cognitive Liberty "A new type of brain-imaging technology could expose — even change — our private thoughts" https:// • August 11, 2017 PM @Klaus Schhmeh My concern is that the device will become vulnerable to hacking shortly. I declined and asked if they had paper to document the damage.I kept demanding of my wife that she buy a 1980's style drip coffee maker, was skeptical of her tales of unavailability. Only then did he revert to the paper work in the truck. Brain-Dead Convenience Citizens rights are being taken away.re: v TZ This is more like virtualized Intel SGX since we have to note that ARM TZ came before SGX and thus was the grand-daddy in all these 'Secure Enclave' design.This means perpetual hardware backdoors in ARM64 for Servers as well.It’s own EULA was not testable using said program – until it was installed. Gosh I sound delusional So, here's the golden question.Will you use EULAlyzer again, or recommend it to others?Spherical lenses, like the squids', usually can't focus the incoming light to one point as it passes through the curved surface, which causes an unclear image.

It is better to keep quiet than talk about security these days. (A strand of DNA can be sequenced in either direction, but code is meant to be read in only one.

As you say a legal department will overload a person or even a corporation with 147 pages of legalese to force the user to give up his/her rights at a weak moment. In day gone by, loan sharks of decades ago would do 30 or 40 percent per year with miniature type a long paragraphs on interest bearing consumer loans.

Most poor consumer never read the loan agreement and just signed the contract for a TV and got cheated.

In pracctical terms ultimately EULAizer is providing the data to inform a decision into a similar polarity I've known legal practitioners to dump Notices on evil corps with pages and pages of terms and conditions, with the coup de grace hidden at item 147, knowing full well it won't be read As Dirk says, this won't be an issue for European EULA from mid next year, for Europeans. But, I suspect the paid EULAlyzer version is better.

I wonder if congnizance of this will force more migration from US software across the pond • August 12, 2017 AM @ Rachel Thanks. The real issue is that certain websites need certain browsers like Chrome… and young people are trained not to read the EULA agreements and just click them. This would include the right not to have other software downloaded automatically as in the case of Chrome browser.

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