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It should mandatory for all boys (and girls would find it a good learning experience, too).

It's right on target with the things boys want to know.

He was so discussing and went to talk about me with people I know and laugh at me, I was so in shame and it really hurt me cause he was a nice guy and we could've been friends but he just broke it so ugly so I don't want any connection with him.

I just don't care about him anymore, I never going to talk to him again.

I actually would like to have a copy for my own pre-teen sons! Mona, Ph D, chief consultant and director of clinical operations, Inclusivity Clinical Consulting Services As they enter the world of puberty, dating, sex, and romance, teenage boys are often confused or ill informed. Smiler has astutely and judiciously anticipated the questions teenage boys have about becoming young men.

goes a long way towards sensitizing the reader to normal adolescent male development without making it scary or deviant.

Parents may wish to read it as well to better understand the adolescent males in their life.

— I am so very grateful for this book, for Smiler's frank, measured, comprehensive discussion of sexuality for boys.

I've already shared it with friends' high-school aged sons and they all give it two big thumbs up! It speaks honestly to boys in their own language without ever talking down to them.

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