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By the beginning of 1968, however, many people in the Social Democratic Party had become disillusioned with Paasio's leadership style, and Koivisto came to emerge as the chief candidate to succeed Paasio as Prime Minister; this happened on 22 March 1968.

Muistikuvia ja merkintöjä 1982-1994, Helsinki: Kirjayhtymä Publishing Ltd., 1994).During the campaign, Koivisto was questioned particularly thoroughly on two issues: the nature of his Socialism and relations with the Soviet Union.Describing the nature of his socialism, he referred to Eduard Bernstein, a revisionist, pro-market economics Social Democrat, saying "The important thing is the movement, not the goal." To a journalist's question, intended to be a difficult one, on the issue of relations with Moscow, Koivisto replied that they were nothing to boast about; this answer increased his popularity.Three years later he completed his doctoral thesis, which examined social relations in the Turku dockyards.Koivisto also served as a Vocational Counselor of the City of Turku, and as a member of Turku City Council.

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