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Tagged is a member of the Social Media Advertising Consortium, a trade industry association that aims to increase advertising revenue and to facilitate collaboration among social networking sites, advertisers, and marketing researchers.

There are chat rooms where users engage in real time online chat according to their age and mood.They found "significant lapses" in Tagged's response to these reports.At a news conference, Cuomo referred to Tagged as "one of the worst social networking sites that we've encountered".Sixty-four percent of users earn under ,000 per year and 60% have less than a college education. was ranked at number 10 with a 0.6% share of the total market, having served 6.8 billion ads in the United States in the first quarter 2010.In May 2010, Com Score reported that Tagged entered the top 10 U. In September 2010, Tagged surpassed 100 million registered members of which one quarter to one third are active monthly.

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