Stop skype updating

You have an important business call scheduled for 2 p.m.

At p.m., you launch Skype for Windows and are greeted by an update message that says "Just a moment, we're improving your Skype experience . ." The program then takes several minutes to download and install a new version of itself, making you embarassingly late for your appointment.

This is the best thing about the update, everything else is rubbish, particularly its handling of transferred files, images in particular.

By deleting the files inside the temp folder [Disk Cleanup in Accessories can help], it should clear the problem.This is based on my experience upon using this program.As you probably already know Skype has the ability to update automatically. If the button says "Turn on automatic updates," the updates have already been disabled and you can stop here. This means that, if you want to keep the program up-to-date on your computer, you'll need to go download new versions manually from After you make this change, Skype will no longer update itself.

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