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Reigns even has a whole article on Wikipedia dedicated to the backlash to his character, titled “Persona and reception of Roman Reigns”.The Big Dog, who debuted as part of faction The Shield, is expected to main event his fourth Wrestlemania this year and face Brock Lesnar.

He was still extremely popular with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fanbase but he was no longer being used as the company's number one draw.

This drew the ire of the powers that be, of course, and Vince Mc Mahon and company were starting to get more and more fed up with the entire situation.

Austin returned to Raw the next week to choose his side for the brand extension that WWE had just implemented.

It turned out to be the best thing for him, as it indirectly helped lead to his escaping off to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) to become one of the biggest stars of all time. So when Hogan came back and was given the spotlight over Austin once more, it was like pouring a pound of salt in a very old, and now freshly opened, wound.

The initial idea was to have Austin and Hogan meet for a match at Wrestle Mania, thinking that would be the biggest money maker in history.

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