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It does not encompass the lives and other recordings of the musicians Winwood works with in these groups.Stephen Lawrence Winwood is born in Handsworth, Birmingham, England.The biggest takeaway from the episode, though, is that Keegan is absolutely gorgeous.“Well my pad is very messy / And there’s whiskers on my chin / And I’m all hung up on music / And I always play to win” – ’I’m A Man’ (Steve Winwood, Jimmy Miller) It’s the voice.Anthony King was being held in the Nash County jail under a ,500 bond, while Terry King was being held under a ,500 bond.

Steve Winwood quickly demonstrates that he is not just a singer; he is a formidable keyboards player, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist.

Their round of football while covered in mud led to the show’s first censoring blunders, as the sequence revealed some frontal nudity from both Keegan & Jessie for a few seconds.

In the end, Keegan picked Jessie to explore romance with after his third date ended in disaster, and led to the show’s first ever on-air verbal tirade by a contestant.

Steve has an elder brother, Mervyn ‘Muff’ Winwood (born 15 August 1943).

Steve Winwood becomes interested in swing music and Dixieland jazz as a boy.

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