Spirituality and dating

But as I grew older I knew that was a bunch of crap, God is all about love.”Herminie responded simply, “That was easy.Every time I loved my husband and children I felt God’s presence. It’s all about loving…that is where you will not find God.” (As retold by Norm Bouchard, CSA Faculty, 2004)Herminie had experienced a maturation of her faith.She allowed her life experiences to shape her very ideas about God.Her reflections, in turn, permeated her daily life and how she chose to live it.Many scientists who study spirituality and aging have concluded that spirituality increases with age.However, it is also important to acknowledge that other prominent researchers disagree with this premise (Moberg, 2001).Spirituality is more personal and not prescriptive. Like spirituality, religion plays an important role in the lives of most seniors.

I felt like I was being watched and was filled with fear.The conference participants distinguished religion from spirituality by two criteria: People use religion for nonsacred goals such as socialization, and religion employs rituals or prescribed behaviors.Two Buddhist monks, on their way to the monastery, found an exceedingly beautiful woman at the river bank. Had he not brought their Holy Religion into disrepute? For many older adults, spirituality and participation in a religious organization may overlap.About half of adults ages 18 to 29 say that religion is very important to them, compared to almost three-quarters of seniors.The 2002 survey by the Gallup Group also found that 70 percent of American seniors are Protestant Christians.

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