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I don’t know if it’s a past life event or something to come but I was trying to tease arch something to help me understand. Reply I was sitting alone on my bed on the phone when I felt what felt like a tug or someone brush up against my arm..I thought my dog was around and jumped on my bed but no dog..instantly knew it had to be something else.. my face got hot and I felt an unusual vibe in my room.ALSO, when I AM thinking about something I get chills when I get the correct answer.. 🙁 I know I AM supposed to use them I just haven’t figured out how to use and develop them and not offend GOD. Reply Hello i have had these chills my whole life and a high pitch ring in my ears.I can ask and the chills get intense when I get to the correct answer in my head. I havent really paid attn until about 3 years ago when i got baptized but it usually happens when im questioning things.Sometimes i get angry at the devil for being such a bully and i feel chills as well.Im not sure whats happening but if im actually connecting with my angels and God id like to learn how to establish a full time connection.Afterwards I knew something was with me, i felt it hovering and my goosebumps continued.

It was literally coming from the heart chakra vibrating quickly and spreading through my arms, legs, crown chakra, and toes. Something more interesting to note was that the quick vibrations became even stronger the moment I thought about my soulmate i.e. It’s been happening a lot just in the last couple months.

I googled goosebumps for validation and found this….

Reply I recently heard that a classmate of mine was murdered and as soon as I heard it I got intense chills, but could those chills just be hurt?

Someone frquently calls my name and I have learned to pay attention when they do. I see things in movies that give me chills like recently, I was watching a movie and they were talking about being in touch with Gods creatures the animals and i got a chill up the middle of my back and a high pitch ringing in my ears.

I have psychic abilities and when I meditate they get stronger but most of the time I don’t use them. When i look to God and ask questions i feel the same chill.

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