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The pupils seem to enjoy it and often request the hands now.

See below: Mr Collis: to link to website URLs/pictures/text etc.

The hands can be cashed into the teacher for help during the lesson.

However the aim is for pupils to keep both hands, and work with more confidence, read the recipe and help each other, which results in them earning a merit.

The quick and effective results they achieve on the app (used as a starter).

Gives the students the confidence to move from the virtual to the physical process of making and problem solving.

It takes no explaining, so I am able to remain at the door to greet stragglers and monitor behaviour while the students can settle down to work.

Explain and give reasons for each position/ role you have selected. Explain your choices, comparing and contrasting qualities.Students do not need to type in a complicated website address; the codes are very simple to scan.Mr Crozier: The idea is that it is an entry task which appears not to be linked to the lesson, but might be through themes.Vine is a social-networking app that allows users to upload 7 second videos that then ‘loop’ continuously.I use it with KS4 classes specifically when it comes to revision.

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