South park dating sim craig

In preparation to start a full war with the elves, you are ordered to recruit the Goth Kids, which requires passing a series of tests (looking Goth, being a nonconformist, and dancing like a Goth).While trying to look Goth however you are trapped by the Elves and are summoned to their kingdom.

He puts on the news and reveals that the elves cheated and took the stick at night.

However while escaping, you take out the pilots of the ship, which results in it crashing into South Park Mall, letting out a green toxin.

The government quickly covers up the crash site, under the guise of a new Taco Bell being constructed in the town.

Douchebag then has to choose one of four classes: Fighter, Mage, Thief or Jew.

After making his choice, Douchebag purchases a weapon and has his first fight against Clyde.

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