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(That’s a little Christopher Nolan joke for you, film fans.)With many OLEDs, namely Samsung's, colours are highly saturated.It's a look a lot of people like, but Apple prefers to go for accuracy and realism over vivid richness. This is something of a cliche to write when it comes to OLED (and indeed plasma TV screens back in the day), but the black levels really are better on the i Phone X than the i Phone 8 Plus.Face IDThe headline feature of the i Phone X is Face ID, the security system that replaces previous fingerprint sensors in favour of letting the i Phone X have an all-screen display.I can’t comment on its reliability compared to fingerprint sensors, or its spoofability using 3D-printed masks, but I can attest to it working very well for me.

I’ve focussed this review on things that can’t be garnered from You Tube videos or looking at the product in a shop.

I’ve been using the i Phone X for a number of weeks now and while it’s easy to wax lyrical about how wonderful it is — and indeed, many reviewers have almost resorted to poetry to describe it — it’s not without its drawbacks.

It’s the first model released in a new era of Apple’s industrial design theory and as such there are teething issues.

Previous models have all used older LCDs, for their displays, and this upgrade delivers a number of benefits, such as richer colours and better contrast - particularly noticeable when watching high-dynamic range videos from the i Tunes Store, such as Christopher Nolan’s .

As a side-note, it's not the company's first foray into using an OLED; the Apple Watch has used this technology since its inception.

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