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From 2014 to 2017, she starred in the NBC police procedural drama series Chicago P. Bush stated: "Part of my school's requirement was to do a play.I was really irritated because I wanted to play volleyball and I had to go and do this play.Yet, Foster the People—who kicked off the night with a "Pumped Up Kicks" performance—stole our hearts with their sound, their service and their message. We sat down with Mark Foster, Mark Pontius, and Cubbie Fink to find out why they embody the Do Something! ELLE: Originally your name was "Foster and the People." Do you live up to the nurturing adaptation? I feel like a lot of the music that we make is very empathetic and compassionate. When we first started the band, we were doing things with charities. And if you look at them the wrong way, you're going to get into a fight. Bush uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and her blog to raise awareness of world events and fundraisers in which she takes part.She is a part of fundraisers such as Fuck Cancer, Run For the Gulf, and Global Green Gulf Relief, and has been involved in political issues, including her support for Barack Obama as president in the 2008 election.That's something that we wanted to do when we made our record, make something versatile.

Celebrities Olivia Wilde, Sophia Bush, Will Ferrell and David Beckham also took home the winged silver shoe award for their good deeds.

That was something that was really important to us, so that's been the tone that we set early on. MF: I grew up in a blue collar community in Cleveland, Ohio. So, yeah, I definitely felt like I was a fish out of water there. My sister is involved in that, so I went down there a couple of times. At the end of the year, we were playing two to three hundred capacity venues and then we did that tour going right into Coachella, which was in front of 1,500 people.

ELLE: Growing up, did you participate in community service projects? I use to go down to Mexico and build houses and things like that through Habitat for Humanity and then I lived in South Africa for a couple of years and worked for a non-profit down there right after high school in 2002 through 2004. MF: We're starting our charity this fall ["Foster the Future"—a partnership with the Do Good Bus to create the Do Good Tour. After that, I think now we're starting to get use to it, you know.

The film, the first to be released by Hollywood Pictures in five years, opened at number three in the U. In 2008, Bush co-starred alongside Kevin Zegers and Vincent D'Onofrio in François Velle's independent film The Narrows, playing the beautiful, intelligent, and self-assured Kathy Popovich.

Based on Tim Mc Loughlin's novel Heart of the Old Country, the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2008.

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