Site meter not updating

The Green Button icon has been placed on several pages of this site to help with navigation.Once you log in, you can follow the icon to run a Green Button report.In this instance, your usage for the missing timeframe may be estimated based on your normal usage patterns.The SMT website will indicate an "A" for an actual reading and an "E" for an estimated reading.Go to top Go to top On this website, your premise refers to the specific location or address where your electricity is delivered. Go to top To access data on the Smart Meter Texas SMT website, you must have an installed and operational Smart Meter in an area of Texas open to electric competition.

Go to top An In-Home Device, also known as a Home Area Network (HAN) Device, is an energy information management device you may choose to install that allows you and your Third-Party Service Providers to monitor your electric usage and control your appliances.Go to top You can view the status of each In Home-Device associated with your SMT account as well as add and remove In-Home Devices.You can find more information about how to perform these functions in the User Guide available to registered users of this SMT website. SMT stands for Smart Meter Texas, the name of this website.Third-Party Service Providers can either be: You may allow one or more Third-Party Service Providers to view your usage data, add an In-Home Device to your Smart Meters, or provide In-Home Device related services.

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