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:)escher was inadvertently a world expert on crystals- in his drawings he has every type of crystal form. i dream one day of not pissing away so much cash on drugs in order to afford an escherian tattoo. et=Wdpqcbw Zul Mr,7IBX+Z4Tw&nmid=309342948 Hieronymus Bosch? There are some apparent links between the symbols Bosch was using and ergot, which seems to have been quite widespread during his lifetime- THIS is pretty interesting, arguing reasonably convincingly that his obsession with amputation was rooted in the physical effects of ergot poisoning. This is one of his paintings, featuring entities which recur a lot in his comic work. Peter Breghul was a pupil of Bosch and his painting the triumph of death (once wrongly attributed to Bosch)was reproduced on the cover of Black Sabbaths greatest hits, I would look at the cover for hours when I was stoned.

K9S-Zc B2Mc/SC3Ynld EJLI/AAAAAAAAAas/XNj Jp P3wu Oc/s400/throne+room+final+His comics are almost unquestionably influenced by psychedelic drugs and are mainly set in an utterly bizarre yet somehow logical fantasy world. Many of Breghuls paintings have a halluncinationary aspect.

I never heard the the ergotism theory before in relation to Bosch and I intend to look into it as I am intrigued, What a brilliant thread.

A picture speaks a thousand words and thanks to everyone who's put stuff up.

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