Singapour dating

Do we lack the social skills to make friends in real life, or have we become too comfortable hiding behind a screen? For me, though I ascertained that I had surrendered my heart and was willing to seek God’s guidance in using dating apps, I finally decided that it was not something I was comfortable with.

Are we being too choosy about the people we meet in church or ministry, writing them off without giving them a chance? I still prefer meeting and interacting with new friends face-to-face.

Finally, continue to keep your eyes and heart open in your church or ministry – don’t restrict your search to the online world.

With the ease of meeting new guys, can I be so sure that I won’t jump into a relationship just to fulfil that deep longing?

I needed God to search my heart first (Psalm 1-24), surrender my deep desires, and seek His wisdom in deciding if dating apps were for me.

Lisa Anderson, director of Boundless, advises that while these apps may facilitate conversations, actual dating only begins when you meet face to face.

Don’t act like a couple before meeting for the first time.

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