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In the engraving, her head is still above the ground and the Catholic priest is exhorting her to recant her faith, while the executioner stands ready to completely cover her up upon her refusal.

This engraving was part of a major Protestant outrage praising Utenhoven as a martyr.

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In Christianity, death in sectarian persecution can be viewed as martyrdom.

Revolutionaries who died fighting against the Qing dynasty in the Xinhai Revolution and throughout the Republic of China period, furthering the cause of the revolution, were recognized as martyrs.Analyses of the Gospel passion narratives have led many scholars to conclude that they are martyrdom accounts in terms of genre and style.In the context of church history, from the time of the persecution of early Christians in the Roman Empire, it developed that a martyr was one who was killed for maintaining a religious belief, knowing that this will almost certainly result in imminent death (though without intentionally seeking death).A Christian witness is a biblical witness whether or not death follows.However, over time many Christian testimonies were rejected, and the witnesses put to death, and the word martyr developed its present sense.

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