Shake up dating

Every year the new season of The X Factor comes encircled by rumours that the format will change, alongside a potentially new judging and/or presenting line up.

But this year the judges - Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger - as well as presenter Dermot O'Leary have all been confirmed and indeed spotted filming for the early audition rounds.

With apps like Tinder, prospective daters can see pictures of people who are nearby.

If they see someone they like, they can swipe right to indicate interest.

But while you might be intending to rethink your career strategy or train for a marathon, spare a thought for your relationship too.

Is it the best it can be or have you let bad habits creep into coupledom as well? 1) I will not be glued to my phone Time spent on the sofa together is fun, but if you’re watching TV and checking Twitter and the football scores at the same time, it’s hardly enriching your relationship.

Around 3 per cent of Americans have used mobile dating apps, while 9 per cent have tried traditional online dating websites, according to the Pew Research Centre.

What's more, the music mogul has supposedly expressed that special guest performers - usually reserved for the Sunday shows - appear on both nights, rather than featuring two every Sunday.

There's also rumblings that he wants to cut the number of live weeks down from 10 to six; and further gossip suggests he wants the audition stages to take place randomly at Thorpe Park.

The app also has a “virtual travel” feature which enables users to find friends in a city they plan to visit.

“I think the digital age has changed people’s attitudes, it has taken the stigma away from meeting people online,” she told AFP.

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