Sexy dating legs with hot energy

But dates don't have to be complicated; in fact, some of my suggestions for dates may surprise you.My number one suggestion for a date night, and something I suggest for all couples, is to have a Sex Date once a week.You might be great athletic types and need something more challenging; a hike up a mountain or a mountain biking trail.

Regardless of your schedules, your obligations or whether you "feel" like it that night, setting up a date for sex does several things: It creates "erotic anticipation." You will both start to look forward to your Sex Date and almost unconsciously start to plan for it.

Nature absorbs intense emotions and lets us see clearly.

When you have difficult or intense things to talk about, a Nature date is always the best choice.

So we know regular date nights are important for marriages.

Making your partnership a priority can be difficult when you have children, careers and a busy lifestyle.

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