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That’s the stuff you find in many viral news stories. You’d be hard-pressed to find two people who were each other’s first love and they loved each other until death.It’ll be a huge form of deception, even if it all just started from one little white lie.[Read: 7 reasons why most lovers lie and 7 ways to stop those lies] #12 Different goals.What this does is force your partner to be miserable and helpless or it can lead them to lie, sneak around or even find someone else’s shoulder or bed just to avoid your wrath and their misery. If you’re the one who’s jealous, you’re probably always going to be snooping around to check if your partner is faithful to you.Just one instance of you seeing them chatting with someone whom you consider a threat, and you’ll unleash a barrage of accusations.

When these lies build up, it might spiral into a web of lies that you can no longer get out of.A five-minute phone call or a text exchange may be enough to let you work through a time when you’re too busy for anything.If you don’t spare even a few minutes for your partner, neglect starts and that will definitely eat away at your relationship.However, the distance can bring about problems such as a lack of time for each other or lack of physical intimacy.Unless you make an effort so you can finally be in the same zip code, these relationships usually break under the strain.

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