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Just as long as they don’t cause trouble and do not disturb the system.Malay Muslims in Malaysia are still generally very conservative.I forget the objective of the camp, but it was not that ultra-religious in nature.A deputy minister had also last year condoned a parents conference that, among other things, included a discussion on how to identify youths with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) tendencies.It created an uproar among people as the deputy minister, who also launched the event, agreed to the topics at the talk, one of which was that gay men could be identified by a penchant for wearing V-neck T-shirts, carrying large handbags, wearing light-coloured outfits, and sleeveless shirts.

As far as I understand, one needs at least 4 witnesses to prosecute a Muslim offender of fornication/adultery/sodomy.He identifies himself as a liberal Muslim, someone who practices his religion sparingly. So most people at my workplace know about my sexual orientation.Generally, outside the office I do not portray myself as gay, or at least try to not do so.One of my friend says there are a few seemingly gay-friendly commercial spots in KL.Pavilion shopping centre seems to be frequented by much of the liberal gay men of the city, and I heard that the younger set of these men have been seen holding hands at the mall, though I am sure those are isolated cases.

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