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Ciovernmenl policies are never so swiftly effective ns that. Tlicre is a business n M*«»ssion and more unemploy- menl for this time of the year than usual sim'c the war It has l *i»*’ stiffirii-nily ri»- Irt Xis I to )*«'i*mi *lhr I'Mn'rfl "I II • eii III ...i .1 - l.itcm* i.t tiv 'he mill Eu( 'in p'u .-p;.. much of the preawt dilemma may well arise from Sir Hugh* popularity. maior professional fooiuall ball t gei to m.fsl with sud West svhe*lule for 1‘J'in leagues wn..The tmlh of course, ns every' .sensible person knows. He has hopes for settlement to such a pitch that failure to rem'W negoiianons could off a nrw wave of The trouhte ts that ain rntmerliafe tempt to deal with t'vprus must Involve talking with Archh^hop Makarm* a jsunt S'r Hugh ha* stressed In his i.«Iks with offirtal*-- But Ihe governmer H ha- deidsred the archbishop will be harred until he disown* terrorism a rendition he is aieadfasi In rejecting. only two d.i\% geihrr *»n the "Id problem of denru ai their operiin.^^ sr*ssmn on imp«»r*s the I'Fl.The study found that women were happier to forgo a meaningful relationship in favour of sex, with 68 per cent revealing they had slept with someone despite having no 'emotional connection'. T8 D«U1 II ( CATa 81 NUAT 26 PACES VUTOKIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1938 NO. Tlie one factor excluded from the \ers broad terms of reference for the commission is that of education finance: "the mean.'i by which funds for school purposes are ru Lsed or distributed" to quote the official winding.will Im* longer, but it has depots laid out and the course to some extent charted. Furh.s’ uchievemenl and his deter- mination lu finish the journey in spite of the apprnaehing si'verity of an Ant- arctic winter have helped to restore a cicuer f H'rspeetlve to one of the most Imj'ortanl phases of the International (leoph»ical Year’s plans for the frozen continent. The fact that some of the system’s sevm*st critics have het«n presidents and faculty members of Cana- dian universlti«*s strengthens belief that a thorough-going examination of the rurrinilura. More than 12 years have elapsed since the Cameron report form- ing The basis of cost sharing was made, and in recent years the j)osi!If the journey from the South Pole to Scott Base is as sturdily com- pleted. ion of the mimicii»alilies - their ability to pay their share— has seriously worsened. from VVjtsh Ingion If a government is to Im* indit'led for lh« present slackening of trade and industry the former Liberal govemmenf must stand accused, for its tight rntmey jiolicy undoubtedly eonlril»utrd to Ihe present*llie dangers ami opj Mirluniiies ti( luir nine with an unctuous film For tht.s vi the -in " Asroncrins l pait Dulles’ [vdicies mneerning the SU.vieis u hi- firm bi-lief Ih.i* any yielding b\ the Eisenhower admini* irafion would be promptly rep.idlaied bv (.'ongrr^ The high point of Mr Kixenhowei s letter to Bulganin, on the other hand. •' -»f the lal- ler’s (l»«mand for negoiiation all Ihe way up to Ove summit provided only that an agenda 1* "worked out in ad- vance ihrougli diplomatic channel* and by our foieign ministers" near:-, if the Kremlin ie*Ilv wants to a 'W’uul' for pe*.. AKKV \OI N(i Coioni Hl Business tklitor olfpi cvpirnu Keh 7 Pon. * * * The position of thnir own shai*eholders Ls civing * * * growing eom'em to officials of leading life insurance f-lsi Mio rron- HIRAM WALKER APPOINTMENT maikei value of m in.*tiranre ' ' ' ‘ .. r,n Fri Jeral i.ssucs were quiet and' To be dated Ja Biiar T !

to tfike on 1 diffeii-ip •••i.- li miy Im .i H If tile to haw- one’- ;.--sp broken, for example h»ii if the ralam- Ms is not mer*' i i-! hloiw Uhlrsli K in (lord can leave a stadium or arena *W‘ ' • be has seen a good *ne and lit the while blood spatter* the Si Mim and --imeone U having his still ! an be 1 as confusing as m\ two folder- Per- I haps 1 -hould make one folder 'do 1 for both, then I would be saved the bother Qf enalysii. as and when issued hy Ontario Natural Gas Storage and Pipeline* bmiterf and accepted by u*. Now iht-.v l.»sr Frulay the formdni.u "t the -u Ming rlown i run ihcir own sh*'W wiih |»g*»i t L'lllon W’lirid «ip ttirecd.v. Sunday ■' Aitll grc.i M’, umicr the influence i-.»tne out '*/ their ■ of me old time hodv in lompicte riif Big Four ami Western mosi other queh Uon . _ — acisird on fair* (lerlaiiung to profexaumal including fooiball ' W) I a national' The CFL stuck to |ix gunx on 1-t «| L’ ^ t^C lerrtiorial righix jj, po|j,-y nf admmixienng the M tirey Cup final, thix year in 'Vmeoiiver on . (read more) A 37-year-old Scranton man Wednesday broke into his former home in Glenburn Twp., made a mess and ended up on the kitchen floor after being zapped with a stun gun, Waverly Twp. (read more) Irving Furst, social protection supervisor with the Federal Security Agency, told city officials that “Scranton is doing a swell job” in fighting commercialized vice and the spread of venereal disease.(read more) A team from the Mill City Assembly of God, near Lake Winola, recently returned from Cuba on a mission to help construct an expansion to the Iglesia Evangelica Pentecostal Puerta Del Cielo — the main Assembly of God church in Guaimaro (read more) A Wayne County woman who arranged for a 40-year-old man to have sex with a 14-year-old girl last year in Dickson City will serve four to eight years in prison.This is a subject for re-exammation by a separate commission as speedily as possible, for the school burden on m uni-. T h P cummupil presenrf in London of the governor of Cyprus I* rre Rllng spom UMon thsi the govnrnmetd |•nc^nml^rmg n.*w Knags In It* effort* lo «eek a luiiuilnn to the i Hlani) ir Ul* .cipalilies is n»aching the point nf brtntr insupportable, if It has not reached it aln*ady. Sir Hugh Fc Nti, the recently aptolni M gevndwtu governor.

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