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I was in Odessa in beginning of December (IE: start of winter). Stay at Hotel Black Sea Rishelievskaya as I'd previously heard there may be some action available at this hotel.

Unfortunately I didn't really see any encouraging signs in or around the hotel whilst there, plus hotel has a security man stationed 24/7 near the elevators which didn't help matters. Moved to Zirka Hotel, which is a very budget hotel that I'd read locals use when they want to screw.

Once again, the brunette friend who did the negotiating, insisted on coming along and being in the room, whilst I banged her friend.

I think she was just being overly protective of her friend.

I refused and walked away for a few minutes and eyed them from afar.

Then a taxi pulled up near them with probably a customer inside.

I walked around Zirka Hotel, especially near the corner of Uspenska St, and Preobrazhenska St, cause I'd read on the forum about the possibility of street walkers. I walked down to Derybasivska st, very later at night, saw many cute looking girls drinking and having fun at the bars near the Mc Donalds, but none seemed obviously to be P4 P.The blonde had a slightly more sexy figure than her slender brunette friend. Unfortunately I can't share them, cause both are sweet girls who are clearly very cautious about what they do, and I wouldn't want to put them in any further jeopardy. This time called a girl I saw on a agency website (can't remember which one). She was enjoying it so much that I must have been down there for at least 25-30 mins.Agency said girl on site was fake photo, and send me on viber, 4 photos of girls available instead. Since the rooms were windowless and the A/C wasn't working, we both were soaked in sweat.After the DATY I was so pumped, I screwed her in several positions and finished in missionary in one of the best sessions I've ever had. I am in Odessa right now, enjoying the sun, the beach and the sea more than the girls.I personally like car sex because I feel deeper and those thrill excites me. I think I will reserve entire night, after a few fucks, then suggest go out for fresh air. She comes in we chat, drink some, smoke and then we move to the bedroom after her quick shower and we make out, BBBJ and then covered fucking in various positons. About the 3 other girls one doesn't want to do BBBJ, so it's a no go for me, another one ask 100 dollars for 1 hour without BBBJ, no way, and the last one has canceled 3 meetings. I had some luck sitting in the city garden and Deribasovskaya, even Mc Donalds at night. It is a hit or miss though but in summer your chances are better. What interests me more in Ukraine are the non-pros.

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