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With a worldwide print distribution and a focus on reconsiderations of contemporary political matters, the journal has been widely discussed in the media.

“There is a deep connection to the Catholic European heritage.” The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a Roman Catholic lay religious order and the oldest chivalric order still in existence, dating from the mid-11th century in Jerusalem; Pope Paschal II recognized its sovereignty in 1113.

The situation is desperate." "You remember, we gathered, almost three years ago, in Paris, after the Charlie Hebdo killing.

We have gathered today in Valletta for Daphne and everybody can say 'I am Daphne, je suis Daphne'," said Christophe Deloire, secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders.

The claim was strenuously denied by the prime minister and by his wife.

A magisterial inquiry on the Egrant charges is under way.

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