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No one really calls California Cali, but it’s ok to call San Francisco-The City, and Sacramento-Sactown.Just don't call National City, Nasty City or Los Angeles, La-La Land.Perry said of his parents: 'I love my mother to death but she lied to me' adding that his father by name inflicted abuse on him, reported Essence. Tyler Perry is best known for his hit comedies centered around a character called Madea.The actor, writer, producer and director also appeared alongside Ben Affleck in the hit film Gone Girl.

Because who knows what's really going on beneath that lacquered astronaut getup, anyway.

With more than 50 tattoos already under her belt, the 19-year-old daughter of late pop king Michael Jackson collects body art like postage stamps.

A new tattoo might be old-hat for Jackson, but it wasn't for Macaulay Culkin, Jackson's 36-year-old godfather -- and first-time tattoo patron -- who emerged from West Hollywood's Tattoo Mania with a matching spoon on his own forearm.

California girls are tough—they have to be because they need to know how to deal with droughts, earthquakes, and the constant complaining of people from other states who (for some reason) are forced to live in LA or San Francisco, and must express how much California and its residents, suck on a semi-regular basis.

California women aren’t into competing about which state is the best—it's pretty pointless. California is so many different things that there’s constant talk of dividing it up into as many as 6 different states— that's like having a state for every different mood you're in.

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