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Wolters, meanwhile, was charged with conspiracy to import heroin and served almost six years in a Dublin, California, prison before being paroled in 2008.She is working on a memoir of her own, titled One of the first season’s major plot points concerns whether or not Vause snitched on Chapman.“One looked just like Jennifer Lawrence.”Though she and Kerman may not have hooked up in prison, Wolters was by no means celibate.“Usually what you would do was have sex in your jail rooms,” she explains. “Christ, it’s my nightmare, the one that wakes you gasping on your rubber legs that won’t run. “You’d have sex anywhere you could: the tennis court, the outdoor squash court, or the rake pile. Yet, according to Wolters, she and Kerman were only ever in the same prison facility for just five weeks—mostly during a brief stretch in a Chicago detention center in 2005.They were both in town to testify against a co-conspirator in their case, and their environs and mental conditions were not well suited to rekindling lost love.Most importantly, somewhere out there, she’s hoping to find love again. When I ask if she’s a fan of the show at all, Wolters offers a truly conflicted response. Perhaps she’ll seek out one of the “two wives” she had in prison.“They were sexy,” she says. She says she and Kerman eventually made peace during their Chicago layover, and she sounds genuinely proud of Kerman’s decision to put her own story out there. But it is strange for her to see her own life, as she puts it, interpreted and abstracted by actors.“This story isn’t about a fun ride through some old familiar haunt, giving me little glimpses and peeks of some fond old stomping ground,” she says.

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