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In the video, it's sid vicious & nancy spungen, the 'punk' guy is him dreaming about being sid. But the song itself refers to the hope that this moment which is great will stay on for as long as possiblemy favorite song of allllllllllll time!!!!!!! He was wearing the same pin, necklace, had the hair. Thus leading to the nostalgia that this song creates.

I remember reading an interview where Dave explained that the song describes the kind of love where it's so real that you even find yourself harmonizing perfectly with them when you sing (And I wonder/When I sing along you with you/If everything could ever feel this real forever/If anything could ever be this good again). Cause if you don't all you have to do is listen to Ever Long. It runs and flows through me everytime I hear this song. to me, its about loving the feeling you get when you really have hope and faith that things regarding love will actually work out for once and praying and hoping that it will stay that way forever. My opinion is that it's about a couple who have just become married and have not yet had sex.

The first time I heard Everlong was also the frist time Dave did Everlong acoustically on the Howard Stern show. " situation and a little more mystical if you will.

the thing that seems to sum it up is bueatiful flaws thaat's just how I see it. And it was amazing bc the song took on a whole new meaning when played before aurora, it become one of a "What if?

I think it's about him having sex with a girl whose a virgin, maybe when he was younger and maybe they were losing their virginity together. I mean just try to understand it in a more simple way. And I don't think it matters what the song really means, It's about what it means to you and what you feel.

I agree with Beth in was written about Louise Post.

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