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If he succeeds in adding something to the common stock of knowledge and understanding, and in rescuing some facts from being lost, and is privileged to be an instrument in adding a little to the glory and luster of the order, he will be satisfied.

In the history it will be found that while he has made no direct quotations from the present authorized ritual, with one or two minor exceptions, he has quoted, sometimes quite copiously, from rituals that are now obsolete, but in doing so he has carefully avoided incorporating therein anything that might throw any light upon what is the real secret work of the order, and in this respect he believes his work will be found to compare favorably with the Masonic encyclopedias.

There is no evidence, so far as, known, that the French rite ever obtained in this country.

A French edition of its ritual, under the title: "La Vraire Maconnerie D'Adoption," (144 pp.) was printed in Philadelphia in 1768; a Spanish translation was printed in Havana in 1822, and, about 1874, Albert Pike published an English translation of it, revised and amplified, but efforts to establish Lodges proved entire failures, the ritual being altogether too lengthy and sombrous to command success.

He trusts that none of them will be disappointed in its perusal, and that they will by kindly words, en‑courage, others to purchase it, that he may receive at least some return for his months of labor.He will be grateful, also, to any one who may be able to add any facts concerning the order that will be of interest, that can be used in a second edition of the work.He will always be glad to know of any copies of old rituals that can be purchased, and he will also be pleased to supply to his fellow Eastern Star bibliomaniacs copies of any rituals of which he may have duplicates.The Heroines of Jericho is said to be the oldest of them all, and to have been the production of David Vinton, of Rhode Island.While these other degrees are somewhat analogous to the Eastern Star, it is not the design of the writer to attempt to set forth their various peculiarities, but to confine his history to the Eastern Star.

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