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About six miles down, the house tops of the ancient burgh of Renfrew are descried on the left, and further inland the smoke of Paisley indicates its position.

Some miles on, passing the villages of Old and New Kilpatrick, the birthplace of St.

A very old fragment of masonry remains on the latter, but coeval with what period tradition gives no note.

In "Balclutha's walls of Towers," mentioned by Ossian, we recognise Dumbarton's castellated rock. Alcluith is mentioned by Bede as orbs munitissimac; and the possession of it being always regarded as a matter of importance, it figures repeatedly in the stormy history of our country.

On the north the Kilpatrick trap hills run in upon the water.3.

Dumbarton's isolated rock, protruded to an elevation of upwards of 200 feet, at the confluence of the Leven and Clyde on the north side of the latter river, with its bristling batteries, forms a conspicuous object in a landscape of surpassing richness and brilliancy.

In this tour great variety of choice may be indulged, as one has the power of making the whole journey by steamer, through the Kyles of Bute and the Crinan Canal—of being transported by coach either to Oban or Fort-William, with a water trip intervening on Loch Lomond.There is, indeed, certainly nothing within the compass of the British islands at all to be compared with it in point of extent of continuous grandeur, diversity, and beauty.The whole is singularly magnificent, and far from palling by repetition, each new peregrination will be found to add fresh zest to the enjoyment of the incomparable scenery through which we are conducted.In the armoury is kept Wallace's great double-handed sword, an interesting memento of the mighty dead.The guns of the fortress, sixteen in number, are arranged about the governor's house, in the face of the highest rock, nearly in the same line, and pointing down the firth, behind the barracks, and on the top of the lower eminence.

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