Sex dating i oslo

Noora labelled their relationship as 'on a break' throughout the winter of 2016, refusing to date anyone else.

In spring of 2017 it is revealed William has a new girlfriend, and Noora explains the entire story about her return to Oslo, stating she would be heartbroken if she saw William with someone else.

He then drives off in his car, and Noora discusses the encounter with Eva.

In Season 1, Episode 11 Noora and Eva run into William and he asks her why she hasn't replied to his messages.

Noora was shown to struggle with his violent side which caused her to fall prey to Niko, William's older brother.

Noora mentions he doesn't seem like the most trutworthy guy.

Noora turns him down, but he says the only way she will get rid of him is by going on a date with him.

He managed to catch her by surprise by calling her beautiful.

She states her not knowing his name is clear enough that she isn't interested.

When he says she can call him whatever she wants, she says she will call him Asshole.

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