Sex chatbots with pictures

That means, essentially, that Negobot treats conversations as a game, with the objective of gathering as much potential evidence of pedophilic tendencies as possible.Just like a game player, Negobot must obey certain rules, and has a specific set of "moves" it can make.

Its name is Negobot, but some are calling it "virtual Lolita" after the novel by Vladimir Nabokov because it poses as an emotionally vulnerable teenage girl and tries to trick online predators into giving away information that would help the authorities track down pedophiles.Terre des Hommes was the first NGO to actively tackle webcam child sex tourism when it deployed the avatar known as ‘Sweetie’ to impersonate a 10 year- old Filipino girl in public chatrooms and forums online in 2013.The information gathered from public sources during that initial foray was handed over to the authorities who subsequently followed up on some of it and launched investigations leading to arrests in a number of countries.The bot will give users fake private information and try to lure them into a physical meeting — ironically, probably the exact same goal of the alleged pedophile.Negobot has been field-tested in Google Chat and other online-conversation settings, and online security blog Naked Security said the bot "sounds like a promising start to address the alarming rate of child sexual abuse on the Internet."However, some believe Negobot crosses the line from bait to hunter.

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