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Mc GRAW-HILL , one of the nation's leading book publishers, announce the publication o f " G allery o f W est­ern Paintings," e dited by R ay111o nd Carl son. And if it's size you're looking for, there's the new Desert Inn in Phoenix with So units, the Palornine in the same city with 66 and Phoenix' Sea Breeze and Flagstaff's Nackard Inn with 50 apiece. (This is tourist PHOTOGRAPHS BY HERB MCLAUGHLIN In the Phoenix area there are 1notor courts to please every taste of the traveler. In Phoenix alone there are z 33 courts offering fine service. (There is a lamentable though logical tendency among some motel proprietors, when busi­ness is slack, to cut each other's throats until the blood runs as red as the ne o n. Arizona's motel industry is, in fact, rather generously overlaid with Western color, as well it should be. Among the less censorable of Sally's sallies were: "Corne here," "whatcha doin'? That would be the proprietor himself, Arthur Vandevier, now retired to the more sedentary life of an innkeeper by the side of the road.T he book is n ow on sale in lea ding bookstor es throughout the w orld or ca n be ordered di rect f ro111 -- AR IZONA Hrcr-rw AYS, Phoenix, A riz ona. NOVEMBER Of all the months in the year , N ovember in Arizona can lay claim to the distinction of being the most beautiful. Before that it was a disreputable and poorly li ghted cluster of sh ac ks lurking behind a sign that read "Tourist Cabins." The tra ve ler h ad his choice of putting in there ( ~nd he might better h~ ve his own bedding along) or push mg on an extra 1 oo miles to get to a decent hotel.Autumn is still abo u t in t he m oun­tains, with warm days and chilly nights. Today , as a N ew York Times travel writer noted recently after a swing through the Southwest, the "third and second­class hotel is doomed.

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