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Carrie: Samantha has a particular knack for turning a desperate situation into a hopeless one. Sometimes there is nothing harder in life than being happy for somebody else. Carrie: When Charlotte really liked a guy, she said his whole name -- it helped her to imagine their future monogrammed towels. Miranda: I love how they say "until recently, the bride 'worked'."Carrie: Yeah, meaning she quit her job as soon as she found her soul-mate-slash-investment-banker. He's not hungry, he's not teething, he just wants to scream. That someone's definition of what constitutes cheating is in direct proportion to how much they themselves want to cheat. Carrie: I prefer to think of it as quantum cheating.

Miranda: Maybe it's time I stopped being so angry. Charlotte: Listen to this: sometime in the ten years before menopause, you may experience symptoms including all-month long PMS, fluid retention, insomnia, depression, hot flashes or irregular periods. But it's comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart. I'm doing everything I can but I can't please him.

The hit TV show Sex and the City has beautifully captured the turmoil of modern women stuck in a fast paced city. 10 million men are gonna be drooling over you every morning on their way to work. Samantha: Normal is the halfway point between what you want and what you can get. Round up all the divorced men and keep them in a pound. Stanford: I can't even commit to a long distance carrier.

When you read Sex and the City quotes, your first thought may be: Is this how life in NYC is like? Carrie: Everywhere I looked, people were standing in twos -- it was like Noah's Upper West Side rent-controlled Ark. It's the best personal ad I've ever seen in my life. And then there's that hell on earth that only your closest friends can inflict on you -- the baby shower. That way, you get their whole history before you take one home. Carrie: My Zen teacher also said: the only way to true happiness is to live in the moment and not worry about the future. Carrie: Well, I think maybe there's a cheating curve.

When Miranda was complaining about her current love interest’s many mixed messages, Berger replied.

Here are 10 we definitely say on a regular basis: Fact: Carrie did a lot of wondering.To celebrate the glorious thing that it was, we've rounded up the best ever Sex and the City quotes - on love, sex, life and, most importantly, friendship - to remember just how fabulous those gals were... 'Sexy is what I try to get them to see me as after I win them over with my personality.' Miranda 7. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.' Carrie 36. When Charlotte runs into her old sorority sisters and talks about her sex life, they’re horrified.In her ever-present narration, Carrie tells us, “Charlotte realized how much they’ve all changed since college. was a show about relationships: relationships with friends, family, lovers and even with New York City itself.

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