Sequoia sun dating

import datetime import pytz from pytz import timezone import exiftool from astral import Astral longitude_tag = 'Composite: GPSLongitude' latitude_tag = 'Composite: GPSLatitude' gps_date_tag = 'EXIF: GPSDate Stamp' gps_time_tag = 'EXIF: GPSTime Stamp' def solar_info(gps_date, gps_time, timezone_name, lon, lat): """ Returns sun elevation and sun azimuth for a given position at a given date and time Args: gps_date: Date as 'YYYY: MM: DD' gps_time: Time in UTC as 'HH: MM: SS.sss' timezone_name: Name of timezone, e.g.Africa/Johnannesburg lon: Longitude lat: Latitude Returns: (sun elevation, sun azimuth) """ gps_date_split = gps_date.split(':') year = int(gps_date_split[0]) month = int(gps_date_split[1]) day = int(gps_date_split[2]) gps_time_split = gps_time.split(':') hour = int(gps_time_split[0]) minutes = int(gps_time_split[1]) dt = datetime.datetime(year, month, day, hour, minutes, 0) utc_dt = pytz.timezone('UTC').localize(dt) sat_timezone = timezone(timezone_name) sat_dt = utc_dt.astimezone(sat_timezone) astral = Astral() sun_elevation = astral.solar_elevation(sat_dt, lat, lon) sun_azimuth = astral.solar_azimuth(sat_dt, lat, lon) return (sun_elevation, sun_azimuth) def solar_info_for_file(filename, timezone_name): tags = [ longitude_tag, latitude_tag, gps_date_tag, gps_time_tag ] with exiftool.The base SR5 started at ,820 while the more expensive Limited started at ,855.It was sold in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions.With five flexible meeting and conference spaces, attentive staff, gourmet catering, and exciting team-building activities, Sequoia National Park can take your meetings to a higher level.we will focus on getting that perfect family photo (can be whatever you choose; posed, candid, kids only, entire family, etc).Frame assemblies and driveshafts are produced by Dana Holding Corporation.

at that time, you will be able to download ALL the images directly to your desktop and immediately start creating your holiday cards & gifts.please remember that sessions are booked every half hour so please plan accordingly.Introduced in 2000 and manufactured at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana in Princeton, Indiana, the Sequoia is the first vehicle from a Japanese marque in the popular mainstream full-sized SUV class in North America, and initial planning done by first-generation Sequoia chief engineer Kaoru Hosegawa aimed the Sequoia directly at the Ford Expedition, also competing with the Chevrolet Tahoe and the later Nissan Armada.The Sequoia slots in between the mid-size Toyota 4Runner and the premium Toyota Land Cruiser in the North American Toyota SUV lineup, and is the largest SUV currently being produced under the Toyota brand.Sequoia National Park provides an inspiring setting for meetings, celebrations and events.Surrounded by almost a million acres of Sierra wilderness, this is a place where focus comes naturally and majestic scenery takes milestone events to unforgettable new levels.

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