Senior military officers dating service

A couple of scenarios to consider are: --You are an officer who regularly hangs out with some of your subordinates to watch the game.

-- You are a sergeant who calls select Soldiers by their first names.

• British Army already below smaller 82,000 target Instead, military chiefs want the Government to reduce spending on some costly equipment programmes, such as the F35B Joint Strike Fighter aircraft being bought for the two new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

There are also concerns about the £12 billion cost of 13 Type 26 frigates.

Mr Osborne has indicated a wish to change the system, in much the same way that the police pay scale was altered to stop officers receiving wage rises automatically every year.

Whitehall insiders say that senior military officers are bitterly resisting the Chancellor’s demands, arguing that any further cuts to benefits will simply persuade more highly qualified personnel to quit the Forces for better-paid jobs in the private sector.

Although defence spending will be fixed, billions of pounds in extra spending has been earmarked for new aircraft, ships, drones and special forces.

The standard for what constitutes an inappropriate leader-subordinate relationship hasn't changed in the new AR 600-20 4-14b which states, relationships, (both opposite-gender and same-gender) are prohibited if they: -- Compromise, or appear to compromise, the integrity of supervisory authority or the chain of command; -- Cause actual or perceived partiality or unfairness; -- Involve, or appear to involve, the improper use of rank or position for personal gain; -- Are, or are perceived to be, exploitative or coercive in nature; -- Create an actual or clearly predictable adverse impact on discipline, authority, morale or the ability of the command to accomplish its mission.“But in recent years the value and status of being a member of the Armed Forces have been progressively eroded by the removal of allowances that were designed to ease the sheer inconvenience of Service life.It is no longer such an attractive proposition to join up when there are better-paid opportunities in the private sector.” • Army launches recruitment drive amid fears of officer shortage • Army offers soldiers £4,000 bonus to become clerks The Government has pledged to spend £160 billion on new equipment for the Armed Forces over the next decade, as well as maintaining defence spending at the 2 per cent level of GDP required by Nato.Soldiers and leaders often discuss terms such as fraternization, inappropriate relationships and prohibited relationships interchangeably; causing plenty of confusion.The Army has recently released an update to Army Regulation 600-20, Army Command Policy, which better defines these issues for leaders and Soldiers. 6, so commanders and Soldiers need to be aware of the new elements in the regulation to ensure compliance and to limit confusion.

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