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In regards to the Open Content Project recently launched by the Getty CEO Jim Cuno stated “The Getty was founded on the conviction that understanding art makes the world a better place, and sharing our digital resources is the natural extension of that belief,” Thus, the move to offer high-quality images of their artworks free of copyright and fee is "an educational imperative.Artists, students, teachers, writers, and countless others rely on artwork images to learn, tell stories, exchange ideas, and feed their own creativity.” In any case, there is little doubt that technological innovation is reshaping the role and mission of museums as producers and distributors digital images exposing them contemporarily to threats and opportunities which are only now coming in to view.The artworks are often shown at low resolution if not in thumbnail format, precluding any meaningful experience on the part of internet navigators.Some museums have attempted to reach a wider audience by including custom-made content Others have assumed a wait-and-see attitutde.In December 2003, the main building of the museum closed for a major renovation.The restoration and renovation were based on a project by the Spanish architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz.Will paintings become "marketing instruments” in the hands of powerful museums?

These forward-looking institutions provide not only free access to high-quality images of the objects in their collections of a level unthinkable only a few years ago, but have lifted any copyright restrictions whatsoever in the hopes of encouraging engagement of the general public with art and stimulating contemporary artistic production.

During the reconstruction, the museum updated their webite and began making a digital library of the entire collection and shaping a daring digital policy. The website interface appears over-designed accenting browser aesthetics as much as art understanding.

The new navigational system, which relies heavily on slide-up and slide-down panels, is responsive but the movement is jerky on some browsers.

It is perhaps best known for its collection of seventeenth-century Dutch masters, with twenty Rembrandts, four Vermeers and many other highlights of the period, including works by Frans Hals, Jan Steen and just about every significant Dutch seventeenth-century painter.

Vermeer is represented with four absolute masterpieces: .

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