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Jake, having promised his mom he wouldn't fight, demurs.

And then he finds a reason to fight whose name is not Max, but Baja (Amber Heard, essentially reprising her role as high school seductress on the CW's short-lived Hidden Palms).

Photos shared by Heard's father show Heard before the trials and tribulations of Hollywood - at her eighth grade school dance, at a sleepover with friends and dressed up as an Egyptian for Halloween (left)'She did modeling first and went to New York.

High school senior Jake (Sean Faris) plays football.

Sent away by both parties, Jake marvels at the immature silliness of hitting other people for pleasure. Within minutes, it seems, Jake is contacted by Max (Evan Peters), the seeming victim he didn't save.

First Jake has to convince Jean he's a worthy student and committed to MMA, and also that he will not fight "outside the gym" (absolutely not allowed).

Not only that, but apparently all the kids at this particular institution are not only blond and tanned and hard-abbed, but also devoted to mixed-martial arts.

Jake learns about this local idiosyncrasy by accident, when he tries to defend what he perceives as a victim against a bully's beating.

Second, he has to lie to Margot, who has said absolutely no fighting anywhere.

And third, he has to forgive Baja, who suddenly feels great remorse that Ryan has beaten Jake so badly on her set-up ("You wanted that fight," she protests briefly, "You just didn't want to lose it").

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