Scrubs dating coma wife

Elliot: [blows a strand of hair out of her face] Yes you do.

I know you're just thinking of something you're too afraid to say.

I know the reason you wanted to pretend you're a doctor yesterday is 'cause you hate working in that bar and you wanted to feel like somebody for once. Elliot: Doesn't it seem like, in the time it took to say all that, you could've just helped me out instead?

D.'s Narration: Right then, I knew I'd never see my brother the same way again. Needless to say, my physician was stumped; but now -- thank God! You see, because, the very instant I heard your shrill voice whining about a teeny-weeny problem, aw, it took every ounce of self-restraint I had to keep blood from shooting out my ears.

Cox: And there it is again -- that ringing in my ears. " but it's more piercing, more of an "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Luckily, though, I know how to make the pain go away!

I'm not even sure why it matters to me so much ow things end here.

I'm sure you'll eventually find a roommate who's a [reading] clean, non-smoking vegetarian that rinses the shower thoroughly after each usage. Mickhead, both the character Randall Winston (the little person custodian) and the producer Randall Winston (as the hook-handed security guard), the studly gynecologist, Mrs. And then the show that always used music so brilliantly did it three more times at the end, first with Peter Gabriel's "The Book of Love" playing over J. The You Tube links below are by no means complete, both for time and because not everything I wanted was posted (copyright issues prevent the "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" sequence from "My Last Words" from playing with sound, for instance), but here's some quality ones (in addition to the ones already linked to above, and feel free to post more of your own in the comments:• Ben's funeral• "Waiting For My Real Life to Begin" from "My Philosophy"• "Guy Love"• JD tries to comfort Dr. D.'s appendix with a funky song and dance called "I Get To Cut You Open."Because it debuted in the waning days of NBC's comedy empire (even briefly airing after "Friends," but so irregularly that it didn't help build an audience), overlapped with several other laugh track-free comedies that got bigger ratings and/or more award show love ("Malcolm in the Middle," "Arrested Development"), and comes to the end of its run with so many other shows having cribbed from it, "Scrubs" never got and probably never will get the credit it deserves.D.'s imagined home movies of life after Sacred Heart (and, as with Janitor's name, it was presented in a way that allowed the audience to accept it as what would really happen, or not), followed by the guitar part of Lazlo Bane's "Superman" over J. driving out of the parking lot one last time, followed with the closing credits behind-the-scenes reel being accompanied by The Blanks singing their own version of "Superman." Nice. And that's not even mentioning maybe the best, most serio-comic moment in the whole hour: Cox delivering a heartfelt speech to Sunny about how much J. Cox in "My Lunch"• Turk dances to "Poison"• Turk rewrites the "Sanford & Son" theme• Dr. But at its best, it was as funny as any other comedy on television, as moving as any drama. Hell, it was lucky you were watching that show the other night. Turns out, whatever you know about medicine, ultimately, luck or fate or God or..knows what is always gonna end up playing a much bigger role in the whole thing than you and I ever will.

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