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This weekend was the 15th Annual Sox Fest Fan Convention at the Palmer House Hyatt in downtown Chicago.The timing was mixed for Chicago White Sox fans, as it just so happens that the convention fell on the weekend prior to Super Bowl XLI, and the Chicago Bears just happen to be playing in that Super Bowl for the first time in 21 years. Laura Cover, Heidi Strobel, Danielle Gamba, Miguel Tejada's wife Alejandra Tejada. Hot wives of Scott Podsednik, Nick Swisher, Mark Kotsay, Johnny Damon, Jorge Posada.Chicago Cubs fans know how that goes with the last two seasons of Bears playoff home games coinciding with the Cubs Convention, but fortunately, the week is slow for Super Bowl news.The big news out of Sox Fest was GM Kenny Williams inadvertent torching of P Mark Buehrle’s chances of being with the White Sox past the ’07 season.Regardless, if the White Sox are to have a chance to get back to the post-season and compete for a World Series title, I predict 5 key needs/things will have to happen. The White Sox had a hard time bridging the gap to closer Bobby Jenks.

This is a HUGE roll of the dice with the payoff being very marginal, at best. Last year’s bullpen was a bit of a mess, especially in left handed relief.

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The White Sox bullpen is now filled with power arms from both sides with the addition of RHP David Aardsma (from the Cubs trade), LHP Andrew Sisco, and late season pick up RHP Mike Mac Dougal.

Add LHP Boone Logan into that mix and there are a lot of power arms that can really bring it.

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