School of dating

On the day, I go for a blow-dry (seeing as I’ll be Insta-filter-free), and thankfully at the bash it’s easy to strike up a conversation by asking guests how they know the happy couple.

As the night goes on I chat to Adam, a 33-year-old marketing executive.

I normally swipe left on guys who work in the City as I expect them to be arrogant workaholics, but he’s sweet and funny.

I decide to try hanging out in places men might naturally gather.

At least with Tinder I don’t need to leave my sofa!

I’ll barely know anyone, but if the bride and groom like my friend, they must have good taste when it comes to their other mates, right?It’s time to make my dream of bumping into a handsome stranger in the street a reality.During my Monday commute I make eye contact with a hot dark-haired guy.He gets off at Bank Tube station and I know I should go after him, but nerves take over. I’m determined to do it and on Wednesday, as I walk past a good-looking bloke on my lunch break, I give him a smile. We arrange a drink for the following night, and Adam’s also been in touch about a second date. Danny and I meet for a drink near Liverpool Street.He grins back so, stomach lurching, I force myself to turn around and ask him if he’s single. He’s 31 and a barber, but even though he’s really sweet, he doesn’t get my sense of humour, so I quickly call it a night.

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