Sara paxton and dustin milligan dating

Dennis and Red take Sara out on their boat, while Sabin takes Nick to the boathouse and prepares to dunk him into the lake where sand tiger sharks await.

Sabin reveals that he, Dennis and Red have been inspired by the Discovery Channel's Shark Week and Faces of Death videos to film and make available to thrill seekers on the Internet live footage of people being eaten by sharks.

Shark Night (advertised as Shark Night 3D) is a 2011 American 3-D horror action film directed by David R.

When Sabin is distracted by the CD player, Nick frees himself then ignites an overturned can of gas.

Badly burned, Sabin plunges into the lake and is eaten by the sand tiger sharks.

Dennis reveals he is still bitter at Sara for leaving him after their last diving date three years earlier.

Sara was unnerved by two accidents that occurred that day: her sudden loss of air (and Dennis's apparent lack of concern), and her slashing his face open with the boat propeller when she tried to escape him.

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