Sam earle melinda shankar dating steve jones dating mikita

J-14: Can you let J-14 in on a few secrets from Degrassi's new season?Melinda Shankar: Alli wears a lot more clothes at home then when she goes out -- she goes to the bus shuttle or bathroom every morning and takes them off.

He has confirmed that he is in fact not dating former co-star Chloe Rose and that they are only co-stars and close friends.

J-14: What are your favorite episodes in season nine? has this really intense, disturbing storyline coming up. He has a father figure and it's going to backfire on him. Sam: Sometimes I'll record the episode, wait a day or two, read what people are saying about it, and then go watch it.

Melinda: I like the storyline that Alli gets, but I can't watch because I'm in it! My favorite episode to film was probably that episode too.

Melinda: The season eight cast isn't necessarily as close with the seasons one to five casts because we never really got to know them as well.

I remember when the new kids in the season nine cast got there, we were asked to make sure they got around alright and to make sure they were comfortable and welcome.

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